What Ive Been Doing!

Well, if you have listened to my voice clip (mission accomplished) you will already know that I have completed my first target – How to introduce myself.

I have created a new target which will hopefully go as well as my first target.

  I have also interviewed several people who can speak a variety of language for example Tanny is origianaly from Bombay and at the age of Four he had already learnt several languages which is amazing!! 

 We are hopefully going to go to an italian restaurant and learn how to order a meal.I will let you know how my next target goes!!

Welcome to Geri’s Language

Hello my name is Geri Reader Iam 16yrs old. I am currently in 5th year at Tobermory High School And have taken a new course called Language Of the Future!!

 In this course we teach ourselfs several different languages of our choice using the internet and other sources such as Podcasts.  At the moment i am learning Italian so why Not listen to my voice clips and read my progress file!!!